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Carving dreams into stone for 40 years!

Owned and operated out of Camarillo, California, we are your "one stop shop" for swimming pools and outdoor entertaining. Whatever style or motif you're looking for, Crystal Pools can provide it. Whether you're looking for the elegantly formal, contemporary or the dramatically natural we have the look for you. In this busy over-complicated world, what could be better than your own private paradise that's simply one step out your back door. Experts in every type of pool, we are also the industry leaders in faux (man made) rock technology!  

Utilizing GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) castings molded from real mountainsides and rock formations, we are the masters of creating the seemingly impossible in your back yard. Unlike most companies who attempt this kind of work, our rock is extremely detailed and realistic because it is exact duplication's of rock formations that exist in nature. Maybe you have a smaller yard or dedicated area and prefer a private, tranquil mini-lagoon spa with waterfall. Or perhaps you have an abundance of space and relish the idea of the home amusement park. Whatever you're after, we can create it in stunning true to life natural detail. Many offer this idea, but none deliver like The Original Crystal Pools of Southern California. All of our rock products are manufactured to exacting formulas and specifications in our own factory in Camarillo, the culmination of decades of proprietary research and development. We literally bring the mountains to you! 

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