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Where dreams become reality!

If you can dream it, Crystal Pools can create it for you. Bringing to bare a consortium of talent in all related fields from design and engineering to expert masons, plumbers, electricians, hydraulic specialists, landscapers...all with a unique ability to think outside the box. We have invested 40 years in developing a company that creates personal paradise with unrestricted professional vision.

New jobs

Let us design your personal paradise. We really think of ourselves as creators of environments. We make everything simple for you. Design. Engineering. Permits. Construction. Now this is where you come in. Enjoy! Everything from design through landscape, it's all here.


Old pool and yard not what it used to be? Or maybe it never really was? Bought your dream house and inherited a nightmare back yard? We can turn all that around for you. We will not only improve the look, but the performance and efficiency as well. There is no compromise for what four decades of experience melded with the best research and development can do for a project. 


The industry leaders in realistic man made rock, we create a look so real that nature is our only competition. Except it takes nature a hundred million years or more to do what we do in a matter of months. Great waterfalls start with a sound, engineered structure followed by convincing rock work. But that's not all. Crucial to this kind of work is exceptional coloration of the rock. Our color work is second to none in realism- we can duplicate ANY natural rock color.  Pallet - we have the widest variety of colors available. Longevity - our color work will stand the test of time. Finally, add in our built-in-the-rock fiber optic lighting for an unbelievable night time experience that no other lighting method can match. Babbling brook to Niagra Falls, its all in our wheelhouse!


Most color techniques commonly applied by other builders are barely passable at best. Usually very monochromatic, they just don't have the natural look. And, after a year or two or sometimes even less, they look even worse. We can change all that. We have developed a 
color system that is the ultimate in natural beauty and durability and can also recolor any existing rock water feature. No matter how good a builder's rock work may be, its of no value if betrayed by a poor color job. And that's a scenario more common than you can imagine.

What we offer:

Permits / Expediting.
Grading / excavation.
Patios, gazebos
and palapas of all sizes.
Masonry / faux rock / real rock.
Infinity Pools.
Spa addition to existing pools.
Waterfall addition to existing pools.

Change pool shapes.
New equipment.
Remote controls.
Forensic evaluation.

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